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Animated Videos

Animated Videos
Animation Charges (per minute) Voice Charges (per minute) Animation Samples / Draft Charges (per minute) Watermark / Copyright Removal Charges (One Time)
Rs. 3,000 Human : Rs. 2,000 Draft or custom sample: Rs. 1,000 Watermark Removal fee: Rs. 20,000
Computerized : Rs. 500
No Voice: Free


  • All the charges mentioned are exclusive of 15%.
  • No modifications once content is provided.
  • Work does not begin until all content and ideas are provided.
  • Extra 25% surcharge for international transactions and clients.
  • 100% Advance Payment.
  • No refund will be provided.
  • All videos made by us may be used to showcases our portfolio at any time.
  • All videos except the final one will contain Brand You watermarks.
  • The final video will contain one or two Brand You watermarks at the beginning and end of the video.