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It’s pretty funny how OTHER web hosting company’s advertise themselves with a mobile number but don’t have a fully functional website. Either there’s photos missing or broken, or their clients web site redirects to a page that doesn’t even work anymore !

At Brand You, we are honest and our clients websites work ! 100% Uptime ! 100% Commitment !

Brand You offers web hosting as low as Rs. 500 for 500 MB Storage. That’s a rupee per MB per year with your very own Control Panel too !

And Best of all if you buy a domain from us – you get 1 year of web hosting totally free! Now, that’s awesome ! At Brand You we care … and we also value your money !

Did You Know ? Most companies buy hosting from other companies and then sell hosting wrongly by giving parts of their own storage and not the actual hosting Control Panel to clients. Before you get any website hosting make sure you have control to your CPanel (Control Panel)

Brand You always gives its client full control of their site and it’s own control panel!