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Brand You – Person 2 Person (P2P Training)

From time to time employees and team members need training – whether it be for soft skills or technical or managerial functions. Group training for years has been the norm, but companies are now seeing that when a group comes togethers its more fun but less of learning. The fun factor has definitely agreed, but with cellphones and friends around there’s more non-sense and less of sense.

P2P Training or Person 2 Person through an interactive online model serves as a solution to learning. It can be customized to be fun, yet it can also deliver great results through individualized training programs and processes. The entire HR Function of outsourcing training events is being reversed and it will all be done in house. There was never a really good reason to outsource it in the first place. Half of what you learn outside never gets used inside no matter who the teacher or facilitator is.

P2P Training becomes far more important as its led by senior management and is a top down approach of training. The teaching starts from the top and goes all the way down. P2P can also be customized with the help of software and technology to allows certain discussions to be group and others to remain strictly one on one, thus assuring the right balance in terms of training and learning.