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It is important to realize that whenever you print visiting or business cards that you brand yourself correctly. Here are a few ways to make sure you brand your business cards in the best possible way to ensure that your brand goes noticed no matter what.

Ensure that you mention your twitter, facebook, pinterest, google plus, and other social media icons on your business card. Just having icons suggests to your visitors that you are up dated and realize the importance of social network. This is a great way to have your visitors and clients “like” or “pin” or “tweet” about how great your services are. Let them do some free marketing for you.
Ensure that you mention your corporate email id. Avoid using a @gmail.com or other such freely available email ID’s. They make you look less professional and more like a ready to close down business. Many people prefer to use freely available emails because they are as the name suggests – “free”. But remember free also means cheap in this case and you may lose potential clients who may find you less professional. When was the last time you heard the promoters of PEPSI or IBM mention their personal email address on their business card? How about the last bank you went to ? Did you find an @aol.com or @yahoo.co.in ID? Chances are that you did not.
Ensure that the colour of your card matches the colour of you website (or vice versa). A simple mistake that often leads to confusion of brands, is the choice of colours. Remember that people get associated with brands when the recall value is the highest – that means in layman’s terms that people remember things they repeatedly see and eventually remember. For example Pepsi generally has Red, blue and white as colours everywhere (not to be confused with the colours of the United States Flag!), or Coke being commonly remembered by the usage of the colour ”red”. Remember that your logo also remains same on your business card, letter head and website.
More examples and ways to brand your business correctly coming up.

If you would like any assistance with branding your business, feel free to drop me an email at info@brandyou.in ! It would be a pleasure working with you and improving – BRAND YOU through BRAND YOU !