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Brand You Clients include

  • CIMS Hospital – Known as one of the best hospitals in Ahmedabad, CIMS Hospital is a leading multi-speciality hospital in the state of Gujarat. We manage many of their brands offering  activities including Facebook and Social Media Management as well as web site development.
  • Sarvamangal IVF Clinic –  A leading IVF Clinic directed by Dr. Sunil Shah’s website is managed by the Brand You team.

Brand You has provided Dr. Abbas I. Maljiwala, a leading physician and cardiologist doctor in Bharuch, Gujarat his very own online presence and now allow his patients to contact him through his website.

Brand You has provided an SEO optimized website for Dr. Keyur Parikh, is a senior and a leading cardiologist in India, one of the best known doctors in Gujarat, chairman of CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad. We also manage the Social Media Management for Dr. Keyur Parikh, with interactive services including guest relationship management and business intelligence reporting.