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Economy Packages


  • All the charges mentioned here are exclusive of 15%.
  • Payment to be made 100% advance. Prices are not negotiable. These are the best offered prices.
  • Woo-commerce (Ecommerce) Setup Fee: Rs. 5,000.
  • Payment Integration Fee : Rs. 8,000.
  • We carry a strict full advance payment and no refund policy.
  • For all overseas payments or clients 25% extra surcharge will be taken in addition to the package prices.
  • No custom or add-on packages or solutions are offered unless agreed in written form or from the packages already mentioned on our website.
  • All choice of designs come from our pre-made and designed “theme/design” book available at our office.
  • We do not entertain any additional or customised verbal requests outside whatever is allowed or mentioned on our website. This is ensured to avoid any grievances or communication issues between Brand You and the client in the present or in the future.
  • Add-on Mobile App @ Rs. 20000/year (Android & iOS).
  • Add-on ECommerce Basic app @ Rs. 5000/year.
  • Add-on Push notifications @ Rs. 5000/year.
  • Add-on app analytics @ Rs. 5000/year.
  • Add-on content editor for mobile app @ Rs. 5000/year.
  • We follow a very transparent and documented practice to ensure a very simple and healthy relationship with all our clients.
  • After delivery of the website, all support will be handled over email only.