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Do we really think of getting a letterhead done by a professional or even give a thought about how it should look?

No, just filing in some details about the company which are mostly the contact details is what we do in the name of designing that “Letterhead”. But a letterhead is something that represents the corporate image of the company. For any company it is very important as it would give a uniform. It becomes inevitable to get the letterhead designed which would be on the invoices, memo pads, envelopes, purchase orders and all such documents needed in any business.

All these documents when well designed showcase a corporate image and also depict what your business stands for. Nicely designed letterheads have to look professional; otherwise people might assume that the business is less competent. After all, these are the “brand building” activities which would definitely attract business. Working with the professional for graphic and printing will ensure that the company would get what they wish for. Letterhead can be inspired by the logo which would synchronize all the activities.

Taking the letterhead further it should be reinforced in all the vehicles that communicate about your business like the signage, flyers, posters, hoardings and … inattentiveness has no boundaries!!!