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Social Media Management services include creating a Facebook “Page” (Not profile), Posting regarding their products, services, company details, education or interactive posts, etc. Our job is to create great graphics through our graphics team, develop good content through our managers, and post regularly so that people are kept involved. Then we need to reply to comments whenever they come and help the customer get leads (or sales) by forwarding to the client. We also try to help by inviting more people to their pages. We suggest them to boost (advertise) their facebook posts to get more reach. Our job is to become the marketing and advertising company for the client – which is online through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc etc. When the client needs to find candidates for a job – we use LinkedIn more, when they need to share a photo or video we can use Facebook and Instagram more. We can also use the other ones but the focus or importance will be here. For Videos we can upload and share through YouTube too. Social Media Management is important because most of the users of internet are on social media. Customers are now preferring online to offline. So our marketing team needs to focus also on online.