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Brand You Team

Mr.Kiran Baroliya was our first team member. His cool and calm nature makes him a good team player. Dedication and hard work are his best qualities. Kiran Baroliya works as a web developer at Brand You.
Ms.Ishita Baxi is a Hard working, Confident, Creative are her best qualities.Ishita Baxi works as a web developer at Brand You.
Ms.Pooja Darji is a Calm, Quick learner and open to learning new things describes Pooja. She works as an SEO executive at Brand You.
Mr.Jay Doshi Quick to finish tasks and fast to learn new things, Jay is the confident member of the team and helps others by boosting them and encouraging them.Jay Doshi works as a web developer at Brand You.
Ms.Darshika Jadav works as an Administrative Assistant at Brand You. Confident and Excellent Management Skills are her strengths.
Mrs.Khushali Parikh works as an HR Manager at Brand You.
Mr.Bhavesh PatelSmart, Intelligent, Excellent Technical Skills and Confident member of the team. Bhavesh works as a Web developer at Brand You.