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 Microsoft Teams Beta

Brand You has started using Microsoft teams for getting more productive results. In Microsoft teams, the employees can have conversations regarding any project, can ask for suggestions for the work they have done. This is a very unique way for getting in touch with other colleagues with this amazing software.


  • Team: Teams are group of people with whom you can have conversations, share files, etc.
  • Channels : Channels are just like whatsapp groups. You can add members and have conversations. You can make different channels on different topics to make conversation in an uniform way. For example:You can have a channel named:Marketing and you can add members related to marketing department and discuss strategy with them. You can also share files, videos, images in channels. You can also mention people by using @ sign and they will get notified about this. So that they can reply you without reading the whole conversation. You can also add your channel in favorite category so that it appears on the top of all other channels and the name would be written in bold.
  • Meetings: You can organize meetings to discuss or share your work with your colleagues by creating a meeting and adding them. They will get notified with time. They can join you in the meeting and can also jump in the middle of meeting if they weren’t aware.
  • Files: This software can also keep your files. It helps in searching your files easily. You can find your file in no time. As keeping it handy to you. You can upload images, videos, documents, pdfs etc as your file.
  • Conversations: You can have group conversation in channels but you can also have private conversations too. You can message any of your colleague privately. And this chat will remain private. No other member will have access to your conversation. You can even have video calling, voice calls just like other applications.
  • Tabs: Tab is a way to keep docs, files at the top of the channel. So that every member in the channel can work or see the files. Inside the tab, we can also have conversations regarding the file and it will also be in the channel chat so that every member is updated.
  • Pin: You can also pin messages in conversation just like you bookmark a website. So thats its easy to find messages.
  • Email: In this software we can also email, by hovering to the member’s profile and there would be an envelope icon through which we can send email. Firstly it will prompt to mention the email app.
  • Wiki tab: This tab is text editor which allows to edit documents or files and even allows to mention team member to discuss or give feedback about the document.

So with the help of these features we can share files easily, can have suggestions or feedbacks about our work from our colleagues, discuss strategies, plans, can have one to one conversations, video calling, voice calls, arrange meetings, attend meeting without going anywhere. This software has removed all the barriers of communications within the organization. Now you don’t have to mail your files or work to share it to your head or to get feedback.

Reference: https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads