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Compliance & Security

All data written to persistent disk on our Brand You Servers are encrypted on the fly and then transmitted and stored in encrypted form. Our Data Centers have completed ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 certifications, demonstrating our commitment to information security.

Linux & Windows

Run your choice of OS, including Debian, CentOS, CoreOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Red Hat, FreeBSD, or Windows 2008 R2 and 2012 R2. If you need a virtual server hosted by Brand You, you can get it done. We have various options based on your budgets starting as low as Rs. 1000 per month !

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Persistant Storage

Network storage, up to 64 TB in size, can be attached to our servers as persistent disks. We can create persistent disks in HDD or SSD formats. From now on no Brand You Server will ever run out of disk space again! Using our unique Expandable Persistent Disk System, our clients will never find shortage of disk space again! 

Local SSD

Brand You offers always-encrypted local solid-state drive (SSD) block storage. Unlike standard persistent disks, local SSDs are physically attached to the server hosting the virtual machine instance offering very high input/output operations per second (IOPS) and very low latency compared to persistent disks. Local SSD sizes up to 3 TB are in Beta for any VM with at least 1 core. 

Transparent Maintenance

Our innovative data centers and Live Migration technology enable proactive infrastructure maintenance, improving reliability and security. Your websites are automatically moved to nearby hosts, even if your websites are under extreme load, while underlying host machines undergo maintenance. We won’t have to stop your websites due to host software updates or even some classes of detectable hardware failure.

Brand You offers many server configurations for every need from micro to large enterprise solutions with up to 32 vCPUS or 208 GB of memory, in standard, high memory, and high CPU configurations. Just imagine starting up small and growing into an international company. Brand You can handle your cloud hosting forever!