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Letter from Partner


Partner’s Letter 2015

16th May, 2015


Dear All,

It has been a great year. We have done a lot in this last one year from starting with Brand You, developing the company into Heal. We started with web design, web development, and expanded into SEO, social media management and a lot more. When we started this company we weren’t sure what to expect. There was mass competition in the market, and we feared wether we would be able to compete.

In the last few months we have realized not only can we compete but we can defeat. We started the company with absolutely the lowest price available in the market. This, surprised competitors, who were unaware whether any company in Ahmedabad could provide such discounted prices. Obviously, this was the strategy we wanted to go with and we successfully completed running the campaign. The company started with the few clients who we were able to reach out to work with us on commitments for the coming couple of years. This allowed us to utilise their investments into our company and go at the market with low cost pricing. Of course, these initial investors who trusted us got additional value through unique premium solutions. Customers like CIMS HOSPITAL, SURFACES PLUS and couple of others gave us the opportunity to attack the market with low prices. Since then, we have been able to acquire over a hundred unique clients in different categories and industries. Our ability to offer discounted hosting solutions by utilizing our in house servers has allowed us to take advantage of a competitive advantage which primarily consists of in house infrastructure paired with dual internet connectivities and back up generators. Of course our team has also been one of those additional competitive advantages that have helped us reach where we are today. We are perhaps one of the only companies across India, who have gone with a completely Apple Mac environment and have made a decision to avoid using Microsoft software of any kind. We have learn to make use of Apple software and open source platforms giving us a competitive edge on being a lean company.

We are proud that our initial employees have become team members and more so family members and a couple of them have completed a year with us.

Obviously, the road ahead is not so easy. Attrition & turn over is expected and there will always be some employee who are looking for better prospects and better opportunities and jumping the wagon. That being said, this year we have decided to issue bonus, salaries and increased increments toward employees who are completing six months with the company. We have decided to invest into the long term by spending money into intelligent team members and employees who are ready to stay for a longer period of time. Of course, we continue to avoid bonds and other contracts with our employees as we wish to give them a flexible working environment. Our company has spent funds into improving work environment by providing our employees access to coffee and tea machines through out the day, improving their lunch area, and investing into books, DVDs and VCDs. We will be enhancing our library which will obviously be used by our employees.

When we stared off we had a single director and I am proud to announce the addition of one more director. Ms. Khushali Parikh who was initially handling the HR department has now become full time director of the company. We continue hiring and focusing on development and innovation. For a set up of our size we are completely utilizing our space, we are completely utilizing our resources and we are investing into modern technology. This year we have renewed our Microsoft partnership agreement and our Google partnership agreement thereby leveraging two of the most powerful technology related companies into our portfolio. We will enhance our product and service portfolio to supporting, managing and servicing clients on Apple & Linux platform and technology. Similarly, we are working with Google on providing support for Google Apps, Google Adwords and from hereon in Google cloud platform. We continue to work with web hosting panel experts such as CPanel/WHM, LINUX, APPLE and other great names. Though from a distant glance this might sound like fragmentation – it does allow our team to learn and explore various platforms and contribute more for the organisation.

Through Brand You, we have developed our own portfolio management software which will help and guide investors into making excellent investment choices, backed by Sharekhan’s own treading software and by our in house financial team and analysts. We expect to provide investors perhaps the best alternatives and choices for growing their wealth. This year we are also proud to announce the launch of our Smart Services. We have decided to launch several cloud and internet solution such as Smart Drive, Smart Books, Smart Library, Smart Class, and other Smart services. The focus of these services will be to empower users, customers, corporate users and even family to evolve into utilisation online cloud solutions. By developing software in house through Brand You’s amazing development team and by utilising the infrastructure which is hardware and network of the Heal brand we hope to accomplish india’s first and unique online cloud solution. Our focus will be to allow users to collaborate – to store their data and files online, to be able to work more freely, to reduce the requirement of hardware and software licensing and to empower users to access their data wherever they are in the world. We have realized that technology has made electronic devices smaller and the ability to use full utilisation of technology is still being learnt. We need to understand and develop mobile applications or at least make our web applications mobile ready and friendly. We hope this year we are able to change and to innovate.

The year going forward will be challenging and exciting. This year we will continue to expand into new verticals such as finance, investment and advisory services. With our partnership with Sharekhan we will provide investors an opportunity to invest into excellent opportunities such as equity, Mutual Funds and more. We will also explore avenues such as HR consultancy and recruitment services through our in-house developed software Smart Jobs as well as our ERP solution being developed. Our company will continue to focus on R&D , which we boast is one of the best in the state of Gujarat and perhaps the best in Ahmedabad.

This year will be about improving the brand of our company, our services and focusing on unique competitive advantages by utilisation of our team, our family and technology. This year we hope to brand and to innovate.

Thank You
Heal Internet and Financial Services LLP
Brand You.

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