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Radio Advertising

People enjoy listening to music or listening to someone speak rather than spending time reading! It’s incredible that the most commonly used line in a resume is within the hobbies section which states that the most preferred hobby that they have is listening to music! Incredible as it sounds, 9 out 10 people will mention they love listening to music and 8 out of 10, will mention they listen to the radio! In an all digital world of buying, downloading and listening to mp3s most people prefer the radio more. They also when asked to discuss in detail mention they like listening to the radio jockey talk about something or another or love listening to his or her voice, which is generally repeated in some radio advertisement too! In fact, radio advertising accounts for nearly 30% of the entire station’s segment each day and people don’t switch channels and in fact have started enjoying radio advertisements as they feature well known radio jockey voices, and include music which continues the entertainment they get while travelling and even at home!  When the potential is so large, how can Brand You not include this into it’s professional service list!

Brand You has worked with leading radio stations across the country, featuring some of the best voices and mixers around the world to create some masterpieces for your next radio advertising and marketing campaign. Brand You offers nothing but the best – but you don’t need to read to believe. Listen to some of our own recordings also known as jingles and agree that Brand You offers the best radio advertising with the best voices, best sound, best music and the best radio advertising possible in not just Ahmedabad, but India too! Let Brand You create your first and leading last impression rather than hiring some road side amateur freelance who has no idea what the market wants to hear! Brand You is your one stop destination for marketing, advertising and digital media branding.

Rates : Rs. 120 / second includes pretty much everything you can think of and more!

Samples for you to build your brand confidence!

The first impression is your last and that’s why everything needs to be included with lowest pricing possible. Note the number is repeated twice to improve the chance the driver and listener remembers the message! Professional and no-nonsense music in the background leaving each word clear and precise.


The Mobile App advertisement was scripted and written entirely by one of our partners who enjoys writing! This creative masterpiece has been rated one of the best jingles in a very long time and competes with the likes of the multinational radio ads today!


A nice combination of male and female voices also focus on the importance of strong branding! Professional and no-nonsense music in the background leaving each word clear and precise.


Focus on digital presence (latest market trends) in this jingle makes you realize that a good jingle includes information regarding world affairs to connect to your customer. Professional and no-nonsense music in the background leaving each word clear and precise.


List of all services and some funky music in the background to make you feel the vibe!


Digital India, Digital Presence with some funky music in the background to make you feel the energy pounding within!


Every business is connected with a single click. Do you have a mobile friendly mobile app with our funky music!


By the time you reach this audio file, you know the funk and beats by heart!