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Simple meaning of technology: Technology is a collection of techniques which are used to make our work easy.

We all are surrounded by technologies. In fact we have become so addicted to it that we can’t even think our life without it. Technologies now have reached to moon. The most used technology is our cell phone. Now we can communicate with anybody, at any place and at anytime. Technology basically removes all the barriers which prevents our work to be hindered. The cell phone is portable so we can take it anywhere and that’s why our communication is not hindered due to its location. Now old traditional methods are hardly used in this technological world. Many countries are coming up with artificial intelligence i.e Robots which will do our work 10 to 20 times faster. In some way these robots will be the epic change for the human history. We will be able to finish our work easily and precisely. There will be great and huge change in medical field which will help us to be able to fight against any dangerous disease. Now we can learn anything at anytime by just clicking over a mouse or searching it on a search engine. For better learning, now we have video tutorials which are boon for every student and even for common people using it for learning other things too. Many schools and colleges have been equipped with projectors for better learning. Technology has changed the way of learning in a good way.

But as every coin has two sides, there are some dangerous things too which will be not good for mankind. Robots if used in a destructive way, then it can be a danger to the whole mankind. With invasion of technology in each and every work, it will loose the human touch. For example now ovens have come up which instantly cooks or bakes food but it could not replace the taste of food which was cooked in traditional utensils. Because of technologies and cell phones, people are not aware of their surrounding people. Cyber crimes are increasing day-by-day. Social media has now emerged as big hindrance not only to students but for many working people. People now don’t put efforts to socialize with people, they just use social media for socializing which has just removed the joy of meeting people face to face. The feeling of hatred, jealousy is increasing because of social media. People now get jealous by other social famous people. Now anybody could comment or slaughter someone by their harsh comments or by defaming them on social media.

People with fake ids con other people for money, some take revenge by posting private pictures, or hack their account to viral private pictures. With the invention of social media, the main use of it was to connect to people instantly and easily. But some destructive minds use it for revenge purpose. Technology could be boon for human kind if used correctly but if not ,it could be a huge danger to mankind. It all depends on the person of how he/she is using the technology.