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Microsoft is introducing a new approach in Windows 10 that balances the needs for agility and control. You can more quickly take advantage of feature innovation after updates have been assessed in the consumer market. You do that by putting the profiled machines of your choice on the new Current Branch for Business (CBB) update schedule. With this option, your IT staff has several months to validate updates in your environment, starting on the day changes are shipped broadly to consumers and Windows Insiders.By the time CBB machines are updated, millions of Windows Insiders, consumers, and your own internal test processes will have validated the changes for several months, allowing updates to be deployed with increased assurance.*Microsoft is also introducing a new option to manage these updates with Windows Update for Business. Designed for end-user devices within businesses, Windows Update for Business will provide:
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Ability to create internal deployment groups, where the IT Pro can specify which devices go first in an update wave,
and which ones will come later within your company’s environment.
Maintenance windows to align with business rhythm, where the IT Pro can specify the critical timeframes when updates should and should not occur. Peer to peer delivery, which IT can enable to make delivery of updates to branch offices and remote sites with limited bandwidth very efficient. Integration with your existing tools like System Center – so that these tools can continue to be that ‘single pane of glass’ for all of your systems management.
Businesses that choose to take advantage of connecting end-user machines to Windows Update for Business may experience a reduction in management costs, quicker access to security updates and critical fixes, and ongoing access to the latest innovation from Microsoft. Keeping end-user devices that are not mission critical on the Current Branch for Business, while receiving updates via Windows Update for Business, is a best practice for Windows 10.Microsoft has developed Windows 10 through partnership with their customers. They have learned that many of you would like to plan a different pace of updates for different users and systems, based on specific business requirements. As you evaluate Windows 10, Microsoft encourages you to profile user devices, taking advantage of the range of options offered to help you keep all devices more secure, compliant and up-to-date in accordance with the needs of your business.*For business environments that require very strict change management policies for prolonged periods of time, Microsoft will provide Long Term Servicing Branches at appropriate time intervals

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