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Website Designing

The Challenge

When people need to design a website, they either go to a friend or a freelancer who makes a quick website but leaves out all the fundamental things and skips features that make the website show. This could be because it costs less and is often done free of charge. Later on the customer wants a re-do. Sometimes they have used various designers but have not found one that makes them feel at home. The major reason for this happening is that the designer has not spent time understanding the project or the objective of the website from the client. Various other challenges come up when it comes to the selection of domain, web hosting and other services.

The Solution

Brand You’s specialist team can help you design and develop a custom website for you the way you want. We could create a very simple and professional 5 page website, a 100 page website, a content management system, or perhaps create a dynamic application or web software that can help optimize your business’s operational efficiency. At Brand You, we work with PHP, HTML, CSS, etc and can develop some impressive websites for you. We also work on e-commerce solutions. Our team spends as much time as you need to understand your requirements, develop and them deliver the best quality designs every single time.

Web Designing is planning and presenting your ideas in form of a website on World Wide Web . In simpler terms web designing is creation of websites. It includes website layout , content production and graphic designing . Websites are created using HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language) . HTML tags are used by the web designers to create the web pages . HTML tags define the web content and the metadata of each web page. The elements in the web page are created in a certain layout and given a particular type of appearance . The layout and appearance of the website is defined defined using CSS ( Cascading Style Sheets ) .

The web designer can either hand code pages that is type HTML and CSS codes or use editors like Adobe Dreamweaver . Such editors are known as “ WYSIWYG” ( What You See Is What You Get) type of editors. They provide visual interface to design the layout of the webpage and the software of these editors generates the HTML and CSS code simultaneously .

Websites can also be designed by using content management systems like WordPress They provide theme templates for websites that can be used as beginning point for a new website. The layout and the content can be modified further using the web based interface.

The layout and the content are a part of creating a website but to complete a website images are needed. Graphic designers create images that are used on the website. Softwares like Adobe photoshop have ‘ Save for web’ option that make it easy to export images in web publishing or online publishing format.

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