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A Microsoft update for Windows 10 is preventing some users from getting online, thanks to a DHCP bug. Microsoft suggests rebooting initially, but ISPs have been giving their own advice to customers.

DHCP is a network protocol that allows network devices to send a broadcast to DHCP servers. If a server is present (such as a router), it responds with IP address information that the computer uses to access the network.

Update (13-Dec): The issue was introduced with cumulative update 3201845 (build 14393.479) and resolved today with patch 3206632 (build 14393.576). The update release notes state; “Addressed a service crash in CDPSVC that in some situations could lead to the machine not being able to acquire an IP address.”

Update (14-Dec): We have received the following statement from a Microsoft spokesperson regarding the issue, confirming that yesterday’s patch resolves the issue;

“We released an update on December 13 that will automatically install and resolve connectivity difficulties reported by some customers. To receive the update, customers may need to first restart their PCs by selecting Start on the taskbar, clicking the Power button, and choosing Restart (not Shut down). Additional guidance can be found on our support forum here.”

Another source familiar with the matter pointed out that there is a technical difference between a restart and a shut down in this regard. Anyone affected by the issue should first restart their computer, then (automatically or manually) install the latest updates.