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World Environment Day falls on every 5th of June. It is celebrated from last 42 years. There are 143 countries which host and participate in world environment day on international level. The theme for this year is “Connecting people to nature”. This time Canada is hosting it. Nature has given us innumerable gifts which are taken for granted. For example fresh air. Fresh air is something which is very important and if less it makes living difficult. But are we thankful for this to nature? No not at all. There are many things which are gift to human existence. But just for the sake of earning money we cut trees. Trees play an important role in ecosystem. We should plant trees and do bit for our planet to make it green. As trees are like ornament of earth. So we should gift our motherland by planting trees.

               Global warming is the main issue and a huge danger on human existence. There are thousands of reasons behind it. Slowly and steadily we are on the urge of danger. We all are so busy in our lives that we forget to care about nature. We use things which are very harmful for nature. For example usage of petrol, polythene bags, and other non-degradable products,  kerosene, smoke from factories which pollutes the whole atmosphere and is also harmful. Development has become the main reason of global warming. Because development is indirectly related to technology and the technology is not eco-friendly. Every country wants to be called developed country but in process of becoming a developed country, global warming is emerging as a huge issue and danger to the human existence. Eco friendly products still haven’t got so much of recognition and recommendation globally. Only few countries promote eco-friendly products. The glaciers at Antartica are melting which are huge indicator of danger to human existence. And green house effect is also one of the consequence of polluted air, which is polluted by petrol, kerosene etc. Some countries are promoting eco-friendly products and they also teach children about environment and how to protect our environment. This can be a small step towards saving our eco-system.

              Every country should make strict rules for not using things which are harmful to environment keeping in mind its long term effect. Eco-friendly products should be promoted and encouraged. Events related to planting trees or celebrating world environment day, promoting eco friendly products should be organized. Eco-friendly products are not harmful to nature and they must be used in order to protect nature. In this way we can at least decrease the effect of global warming.

              This year the theme is “Connecting people to nature”. So lets introduce the young generation to our nature. Let children play in soil and get dirty and enjoy the gifts of nature. Nothing feels great playing with soil or going on beaches and making sand castles, rather than playing video games at home. We should also teach children about planting trees and explaining the advantages of it. Documentary movies and advertisements should be made to connect to people through mass media. The best documentary movie and advertisement should be awarded and every year this day should be celebrated with great enthusiasm. Small steps can become huge if every country contributes in this initiative of saving earth.