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Advertising Strategies for Branding that we, at Brand You have been actively and aggressively following at Brand You over the last few years. We wanted to share some of things we do and how we do it. These techniques are not for everyone, but we believe they can help you for sure if implemented and managed properly.

  • Be aggressive. You are in a competing world. If you find areas near competitors to place your advertisements you should take advantage of it. There have been some amazing advertising battles such as the Coke & Pepsi wars which you can learn from. When you are selling the same services as someone else you want you to be noticed too.
  • Become the “Second Opinion” when you are not the “First Opinion”. It’s important to advertise at places where you are noticed because the customer is going somewhere.
  • Defend your area or territory by ensuring your marketing and advertising is near your location. You want people to know that you exist there if they don’t. If you are unknown you want to be known in your area. If you are known, you want to ensure that no one goes anywhere else. Indian brands such as Dangee Dums or CIMS Hospital, have advertisements pointing  to their location or listing their various services in their area ensuring they can’t be missed.
  • Often you have to choose between day boards and 24 hour lit boards or kiosks for advertising. In most cases the costs of the day boards (non lit kiosks) are much less than the lit ones. In most cases the non lit or day boards are the best choice, since your customers come to you during the day anyways! In many cities in India – the advertising rates of non lit boards are 1/5th of the 24×7 lit ones.
  • Doing a mix of advertising is always good. If you run a week of kiosks ads, follow it up with radio advertisements or cinema advertisements, and follow that up with flyers, and newspaper advertisements. Find the right combination that works with you based on your marketing and business goals.
  • We have found that you should never do too much at the same time. Spread out your marketing and advertising strategy across months. If one month is dedicated to Social Media, let the next focus on something else, and mix it up to see how each one works. Another option is to run multiple non-connected advertising forms together. For example if you are running a newspaper advertisement, avoid a magazine advertisement. Instead try out a radio or cinema advertisement. It’s important not to put all eggs in the same basket. Try mixing things up but don’t get lost in the process.
  • Take advantage of upcoming events or days that are popular. Celebrations are great times to focus on advertising campaigns. If you are running a Social Media Campaign, post on the day of the event or run a campaign across the week. One post won’t get you anywhere, so think about three celebrating the event. If you are doing a radio advertisement focus on the social causes around it, or how your product or service is important for it.
  • Make sure your service is known, and focus on the core competence and ensure it is highlighted. You want people to know what you are about and how you are better.
  • Advertisements need to be clear and precise. Too much or too less of content will only confuse people or not allow them to be convinced. Some agencies suggest putting less content and only a graphical image. We disagree. We believe that you should have content which includes text with images to explain what you are doing. Remember to add your contact information in each advertisement so that they know where to go or who to contact.
  • Make sure each advertisement includes you logo. Logo repetition is very important for branding. You want people to notice your logo and remember it. Whenever they see your logo they should be able to say your brand or company name. Ensure your logo is unique and doesn’t confuse with anyone or anything else. Get a trade-mark for your logo and tag line.