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Affiliate Program

Earn money staying at home or while you are doing your job with Brand You Affiliate Program. You can even earn money if you are a college student, a retired person or even disabled. Our Affiliate & Partner Program is specially designed so you can earn money by just referring sales to us.

By referring customers to us, you get 10% commission per order. Since Brand You collects all payments in advance, you get your payout really fast too. You could easily earn Rs. 50,000 a month and it takes no time to start.

All you need is the ability to social network both on the internet and/or at home.

Earning money is easy ! In a time where internet is used by home and business users alike, everyone should have their own website. Promoting and marketing our services are easy and we provide you all the marketing training you need to get started. With no investments of your own or costs, you can start earning really fast.

Think about this for a minute. If you had an uncle who has a garment business, you could refer him to us for making his new business website. If you started with the minimum package of Rs. 3999, you would get Rs. 399 just from that sale. Similarly if you have 100 friends, you could imagine that at least 50 of them do not have websites for sure and could make use of it. With Brand You’s team and service – your satisfied friends business’s would refer more businesses to you. All of this adds to your account and you get paid every month for the referral sales.

Your payments are always made by Cheque which ensures that you earn the right, correct and honest way. It also allows you to show your friends proof that you are earning money !

Just imagine if you did made the following sales every month.

For every 10th Sale you get a bonus payout of Rs. 1,000 for free!

For more information contact us at +91 8 00 00 00 876 or send us an email at info@brandyou.xyz

Conditions: You must be 18 years or above to be eligible to work for this program. T&C apply.