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Android Application Development

Brand You offers customized and personalized android application development for your business. Our team will design, develop and host your business application which your clients or customers can download off the Google Play Store (earlier known as the Android Market Place), and install your application on to their android device whether it be an android phone (eg. Moto G) , tablet (eg. Nexus 7?)  or phablet. (Yes – the Galaxy Note III is considered a Phablet).

Brand You will upload your custom application will be uploaded on Google Play Store so that you and your customers and clients can download the application and have quick access to you wherever they go whether or not they even have internet connectivity on their device.

For example, if you have a website or a blog, you can turn it into a feature in your app. Same goes with your photo galleries or YouTube videos. You already have a great app in you – Brand You helps you unleash it.

You tell us what colors you like , and the Brand You team can upload your own icons and images. Your app’s unique look is all up to you and how you want us to brand it. You can also let Brand You develop the entire thing with your content, while you sit back, relax, sip your tea or cold coffee over at Shambu’s or perhaps Cafe Coffee Day while we create your application.

Brand You offers you and your business free basic android application if you decide to go for our Total Branding Solution package which also includes domain registration, website design and hosting for a year at just Rs. 4000 (Well worth over Rs. 20,000!). And if you don’t want our Total Branding Solution package, and just want an application we can do that for you at another special introductory offer of Rs. 1200 only! Now, isn’t that cool?  Contact us for more details regarding this special introductory offer!

Brand You has designed, developed and hosted over 200 android applications over Google Play Store. Contact us for more details. We can send you our client list and the list and link of android applications already hosted by us on Google Play Store for you to test, try and download. If you are satisfied and want us to design and develop your android application – just let us know. The Brand You team would be more than happy to “Brand You!”