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The Brand You Advantage

Brand You – houses it’s own dedicated servers inhouse in it’s new Ahmedabad data center as well as it’s off shore datacenter in Singapore, managed by the IBM Softlayer team, also  known for being the most experienced and best hosting provider in the world. Being able to harness it’s strengths and it’s abilities Brand You is able to provider low cost affordable services at high quality, unlike it’s competitors in the market. 

We have our headquarters in Ahmedabad, a city in Gujarat located in India. We have clients and partners around the world. We also have our own dedicated server fully backed up with a backup generator for power – UPS for up to 32 hours of electricity backup in our Ahmedabad Datacenter and over 1000 hours at our Singapore Datacenter, making us perhaps and undoubtedly the best web hosting provider in Asia.

In 2015, we launched our first apple mac servers in Ahmedabad which helped reduce power consumption by nearly 60% instantly. In fact, Apple Mac Yosemite Server brought our users low cost options for email for their corporations as well as easy to setup wiki and blogs almost instantly. With almost no licensing costs except the server app and the system itself, this was perhaps the best and lowest costing method to offer high quality web hosting at an affordable rate. All mac servers were at least i5 or higher with at least 4gb ram making it the most impressive option at the Brand You Datacenter. Apple Mac Mini’s of the latest generation were able to run on idle state using low power as comparable to a light bulb. This amazing fact allows us to focus on being an impressive Green-Brand company, perhaps one of the first all over India.

This indeed, is the Brand You advantage that makes us unbeatable and allows us to remain the most cost competitive web design and web hosting provider across Ahmedabad,  let alone India.