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In our way to thank you for your support over the last two months, and also in order to serve you better – Brand You, is now investing into international servers – in Singapore & USA to improve and expand it’s network across the world. Brand You Ahmedabad is also working on upgrading it’s entire network and datacenter in Ahmedabad and will soon take advantage of a completely Fibre Optics network over the next two years. Our expansion plans also include registration as a Private Limited company – which we hope to attain in the next few months. Our total number of team members is increasing on a monthly basis , and we have seen a constant increase in both revenue and expenses – which accounts for a strong growth story for the company.

Since our inception a couple of months ago, we have also started offering training for young programmers and IT graduates and offering two month internship to MBA students across the state of Gujarat. We are also offering on line intern-ships for students across India.

Thank you for your support and confidence in Brand You !