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Brand You Service Announcement

For Employees: Be honest and ethical always!
For Business: Take charge. Be strict. Enforce business and legal policies to ensure your business and brand is never hurt!

The possibility is that the (ex) employee can be charged with a criminal fraud offense has increased in recent times! Many white lies will not rise to the level of fraud. However, such charges may result if the effect of the lie led to substantial damage to the financial welfare of a business. When you know an employee or a colleague is working a two or more places at the same time, or planning to start his own business that competes in any way with the current employer or worse yet when company data is stolen. If an employee or colleague is leaving the job and you know about it – be honest and tell the management.

Friends come and go but your personal integrity to your company should always remain!

Although some people may be tempted to embellish their resume to make themselves more appealing to potential employers, doing so can come at a significant risk. Lying on an application or resume opens the applicant up to several serious consequences

Further lying when you are at work is even worse especially when regarding a colleagues wrong doing when you are aware of it, is also a crime and legally punishable and enforceable.

On many policies and company agreements including NDA’s, there is a disclaimer that the foregoing information is necessary to assess a person’s qualifications for the job or lying during work or related to work is a felony.

It goes on to state that if the applicant lies about the information on the application or attached documents that such lies are grounds for termination. Even if the application itself does not have this disclaimer, many employers may still assert their rights to terminate the now-employee for such lies or omissions.

Another legal concept is known as the “after-acquired evidence” rule. This means that employers can use the evidence that they learned about a former employee in defense of any legal claim. The employer’s position is that it would not have hired the applicant in the first place if he or she had been honest on the application. This often requires the employer to prove that the lies on the application were directly linked to the employment position and would have been sufficient for it not to have hired the applicant.

Moral: Never lie. Be honest and ethical at work place! Remember, you are being paid to work honestly and ethically. Never take advantage or cause issues to the operations or management of a company.