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An image of our fantastic 80GB RAM – Dedicated Server over in Florida ! Have a look at our server ! Real Pictures! Hosting at Brand You seriously rocks!

Brand You is now offering a brandyou and brand new way to experience high quality web hosting.

Brand You has now added to it’s data center locations, a brand new server in Florida, USA. Disney World , the home of Mickey and Mini Mouse are just a stones throw away and so are the very well known Miami beach and it’s crocodiles ! Brand You servers are thankfully out of reach from the crocs, though we are sure that Mickey and Mini visit our servers once in a while!

This adds to the Brand You promise of delivering high quality internet services across the world. Our new Server is Florida offers a ping of under 260 ms ping from India, and is equipped with a whooping 80 GB (80 Gigabytes) of dedicated RAM!

Brand You is now one of the only companies in India who host 80 GB of DDR3 RAM on it’s servers! Just imagine the processing speeds and quick access of data and files on our maxed out servers!

That’s just one of the few things that differentiates us from the rest….