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  • Location Redundancy
    • Disaster site ready in worst case
  • Internet Redundancy (Stable lease line or always connected net)
    • with enough IPV4 or IPV6 for server IP allocations
  • Power Redundancy
    • Backup generators as good as 12–24 hours is a must.
  • Hardware for the servers being setup, as well as network devices, etc.
    • With spare parts in case of damage that need immediate replacements.
  • Cooling System
  • Security Access Controls
    • Fingerprint
    • CCTV cameras
    • Locks to ensure no one except correct people have access
  • Employees
    • To run the entire setup you will need system admin, hardware admin, network admin, and a few other people as per your business plans/model to manage helpdesk or marketing and sales people.

There are many other requirements but I have tried to list out the few mandatory ones I felt worth mentioning. For more information, or to see how one is setup feel free to email shivam@brandyou.net. We have development plenty of data centers including home data center points which are an exciting, budget method of setting up a data center in your own home.