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Mail Settings

Brand You utilizes a SmarterMail server to provide fast, reliable and efficient e-mail communication for our customers. The server information is outlined below:

SmarterMail Version SmarterMail Enterprise Build (Latest)
Default Web Link: https://mail.brandyou.net
MX Record: mail.brandyou.net
Supported Protocols: IMAP, POP3, SMTP, LDAP, XMPP
Antispam Measures: Barracuda Reputation Block List
Cyren Premium Antispam
Honey Pot
Message Sniffer
Reputable Blacklists
Antivirus Measures: Symantec

You may check e-mail using any of these methods:

  • Via the web by accessing https://mail.brandyou.net.
  • Via an e-mail desktop client, such as Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
  • Via a smartphone or portable device such as Android, iPhone, etc.

When using an e-mail client or smartphone, we recommend using the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). We feel that this protocol is superior to POP3 (Post Office Protocol Version 3) because it does not allow you to synchronize folders. Instead of downloading, IMAP synchronizes messages with the mail server, allowing you to view your mail folders at home, work, or other locations.

Setting Up E-mail on a Computer, SmartPhone, or Other Electronic Device

Software varies for each manufactured device, but the mail settings will the same. We recommend using the following settings when configuring e-mail on your device:

Incoming Protocol: IMAP
Incoming SSL Port: 993
Incoming Server: mail.brandyou.net

Incoming Protocol: POP3
Incoming SSL Port: 995
Incoming Server: mail.brandyou.net

Outgoing Protocol: SMTP
Outgoing SSL Port: 465
Outgoing Server: mail.brandyou.net

Username: [Full E-mail Address]
Password: [Set in SmarterMail]
Use SSL: Yes
Use Secure Password: Yes

LDAP Port: 389
XMPP Client Port: 5222
XMPP Server Port: 5269

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us info@brandyou.net


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