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Brand You has a lot of marketing strategies some which involve simple yet aggressive thoughts and ideals. Some are simple too. Here are some of the strategies we have used over the years to become one of the most successful digital media managers in the last few years!

  • Identify your marketing goals. Why are you doing what you want to do? Are you doing this for customers, or for branding ? Or both? Or something else ? You need goals and then you need to figure out what works to achieve those goals.
  • Each goal has to be clear and defined. You should have goals that are realistic. Do not create goals or targets that can not be completed.
  • Each goal should have milestones and metrics. For example if the goal of a marketing campaign is to generate revenue of Rs. 12,00,000 in a year, you would want to create milestones which occur or should occur every few months. For example you may want to reach Rs. 6,00,000 within eight months. You may want to reach Rs. 1,00,000 within three months. You may also want to have 200 new walk ins within the first three months of the campaigns.
  • You also need a system to ensure you can document or confirm the conversions from the marketing campaign. For example if you are running a Social Media campaign, you need to create a system in which you can monitor and check how many visits in Ahmedabad are coming from Social Media through a registration form which allows patients to tick mark the source of advertising they came through. You could create a unique mobile number or landline number for each advertising mechanism to make sure you can count the conversions from the campaign.  Unless you know how many people are coming through the marketing campaign, you will never know whether or not the campaign was successful or not in the first place.
  • Marketing is a long term process and needs time. You can not expect overnight results but you can always use short term and long term milestones and goals to help keep track of whether things are working according to plan or not.

Hope this helps!