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Partner's Letter 2017

Transformation to a Performance Driven Company

Performance Driven

Forward Thinking

Problem Solvers

Customer Support

This Year

This year has been all about performers and performance. We have focused on client or customer retention. We have understood their additional needs and have tried to give them what they needed. We have increased the number of employees. We have made hard decisions to cut non performers or people who don’t fit our “Family Culture”. Brand You has to be Performance driven and our customers have to be happy!

  • Digital Media Growth 80% 80%
  • New Customer Acquisitions 60% 60%
  • New Business Launches 50% 50%
  • Customer Retention 90% 90%

Dear Stakeholders,

Brand You is a great place to learn and grow, but as the company begins to focus on longer lasting strategies for the competitive future it has also begun to make bolder moves. Some of these moves shake the very foundation of the company, some of these moves challenge what we started as and what we are beginning to become, and some of these decisions will lead to Brand You becoming a better globally accepted company. 

We have had to make painful decisions this year too – non performers have had to be cut from the ranks. We have had to bring in fresh new talent and train them to replace the older less performing ones. We have had to spend more on retaining better employees. This has a plus side too! We offer better salaries for people, we spend more to groom our team for better future goals and management. We are introducing new management tracks – Fast, General and Slow. We are going to offer medical benefits with a tie up with a leading hospital in the country. We are going to be offering more benefits to performers. 

Brand You has also increased it’s salary rates compared to it’s previous years. As hiring spends have increased, offers for salary are going up. We are now hiring people with greater experience and average age group is now becoming more broad. Till last year, our average age group was 22 years of age. This is changing as our average age group is now 25 years of age. We have people as young as 21 and as old as 33. The size of the team has increased from being a small startup with just 5 people to 10. We have doubled our size and our next target for the year is to have around 15 people. 

Brand You has increased it’s marketing budget and spends again. We are adding outdoor and online marketing spends to help improve and extend our branding and also to allow us a larger reach. We are evolving our sales team to grow further. We have incorporated a flat 10% revenue sharing model for each and every  new client brought by any team member whether it be sales, marketing, technology, human resource or other. Every team member can become a sales force personnel through this unique initiative. We are introducing KPI’s for the very first time since the inception of Brand You to decide bonus that will be paid our yearly.

Brand You boasts of being a learning and performance company. Each of ours team members get a chance to learn something new. We are perhaps one of the first companies in India that have almost all it’s team members know how to make a website including those who had never done it before they joined the company. Each team member makes their own website shortly after they join. This allows them to be multi-talented and useful while they work at Brand You. Our front desk receptionist also knows how to make a website! This also means that 90% or more of our company’s team members can develop a website or can be useful in terms of backup of dealing with excess work.

The company is also looking to go Public Ltd. in the near future. We are in discussion and in process of migrating from LLP form of business to a Pvt. or Public Ltd. concern. The company has begun charting a 6 year plan to launch it’s very own IPO. This could become the greated milestone for the company, but a lot has to be accomplished till then. Managers are being trained for future senior positions and roles in the company. We are discussing with our own employees to become future partners, investors or shareholders. We are also beginning discussions with outside investors to join our board and ranks! Brand You is looking at every avenue to grow. 

I might be partial when it comes to reviewing Brand You or writing letters, but let me put it this way – Brand You is not for everyone – we strive for perfectionists. We don’t like people who bring over egos, we don’t like employees who don’t like to learn or worse keep repeating mistakes over and over again. Sure you get to learn a lot at Brand You but our first priority is making sure we strive for excellence and can give our clients a superior service and a fantastic experience. Most of the reviews you see are either clients or employees. Obviously there are ex employee reviews too – and not everyone enjoys leaving a company but we are clearly focused on performance. Brand You keeps the best performers and doesn’t retain the ones that don’t. We don’t want to follow the foot steps of traditional Govt. processes of allowing non performers to stay in our company. We are very competitive both in house and outside too. We have kept excellent pricing by removing extra unnecessary costs and are one of the only companies that list prices on the website. We treat each customer the same and try our best to impress them. We have fun Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays! Why should there be just one day when the team performs or enjoys! When the team doesn’t perform they have to listen too! We aim to be perfectionists, so when we fail to deliver we make sure we improve immediately for the same client and delivery results. The company follows a no-non sense attitude making it a tough workplace if you don’t perform but when you do – you do enjoy every possible reward from great salaries to great parties too!

There are some of you who have been here since yesterday. I am happy to see some of you here today. I hope to see you still performing tomorrow.

Brand You is unique and different but aims to be the best! It is now time, to Perform to be the best!


Managing Partner