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Thanks for coming with us on the journey to discovering Windows 10. We appreciate the time you’ve spent with us learning how Windows 10 can benefit your business, helping you:

  • Do great things with a familiar and productive user experience across your devices.
  • Have peace of mind with enterprise-grade security to safeguard your business.
  • Access affordable innovation, with a range of devices to power your business.
  • Grow your business efficiently with a light touch using cloud-based management tools that scale up or down quickly to meet your needs.
We want to help you make sure your business is ready for Windows 10, so we’ve created this Readiness Checklist for you:
checkboxReserve your Windows Upgrade today
checkboxJoin the Windows Insider Programwebsite
checkboxVisit the Windows for Business website
checkboxProfile your systems and user groups to pilot the Current Branch for Business
checkboxVisit the Featured Devices list to start planning for your next PC refresh
We’re ready to help you bring Windows 10 into your business – contact us today to learn more.

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