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This is a sample MOU or contract that we do with our clients and what they include. This can help you plan customised requirements in case you need one. Please note that Brand You only offers customised plans for ever values in excess to Rs. 5,00,000 per year and not below that.

Social media management: (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Plus)

  • All the content and designing for social media profiles – will be developed by Brand You
  • Posts for client will be posted or scheduled by Brand You
  • Interaction with the customers will be provided by Brand You on the pages. Brand You will respond to posts or comments by users as per pre-determined format response.
  • 1 Post per day with up to 1 video upload post per day is included per profile page. Posts will remains same for all media profiles within the same organizational page.
  • Up to a total of 312 unique posts per page per year (Monday to Saturday) will be made, which means up to 1,560 posts per year for total of 5 pages.
    (312 x 5 pages). 
  • Up to a total of 7,800 posts in total will be posted by Brand You per year, which is when calculating number of social media profiles / platforms and multiplying by number of pages and posts per day. (1560 x 5 social media profiles per page).
  • Additional Page Management with up to 4 posts per month (48 per year) will be included by Second Party.
  • Content translator (Gujarati, Hindi, etc ) will be provided by the client, who’s fees are not part of this package and will be covered by the client. 
  • Content books should be provided by the client, however Content Writers will be  hired and managed by Brand You to use the content books or material provided by the client.
  • Brand You will make and design all posts in English.
  • Brand You will help the client in increasing the organic likes, followers, reach, clicks for all the profiles (exception boosting or paid programs).
  • Analysis for Facebook Page & LinkedIn as per a predetermined format by Brand You will be provided monthly to the client.
  • Second Party will suggest engagement strategies, boosting and will be overall responsible for all efficient functioning of all social media.

Google Business:

  • Verification & Management of existing (as on contract date) of  the client’s Google Business pages.
  • Completing the entire profile setup.
  • Inviting users to like the Google plus page.
  • Replying to the comments/reviews from the users.