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Summer Internship (Teenages/Young Adults)

Summer Internship Programs
Spend time at Brand You’s office and learn from the experts. Learn how to design, and build static and dynamic websites. Learn how we do business, and spend time understanding how to improve marketing and branding skills. Understand how our team focuses on quality and customer centric care, and how we are able to offer money back’s one of the scariest offers for a company and the best offer for a customer and how to make it work – ethically by providing quality care.
This year, Brand You will offer internship and summer training to twenty (20) teenagers from schools around the country to join the Brand You wagon and learn new things and improve and develop their existing skill set. This program is offered both ONLINE and OFFLINE (In Ahmedabad) which allows you to work with us even without living in our city. You can contribute online through emails, or video conference with our team through Skype. This is a remarkable opportunity to have fun, learn and show yourself through some extra-ordinary opportunities with Brand You.
For this once and a year experience, send us an email explaining why you should be selected and send in your resume to summer@brandyou.in.
Application requests close on June 1, 2014 for this years admission process.
You may also apply in advance for the 2015 batch.
Choose from options such as working with us on the following projects:
  • Brand You
  • Teach You (www.teachyou.in)
  • Secure You (www.secureyou.in)
  • News You (www.newsyou.in)

News You, unlike other experiences will let you spend time working with us on “creative writing”, journalism and active blog and literature writing – whether it be about the latest fashion, politics, business, or even areas such as poetry and song writing (lyrics) we will help you develop your skills for writing and publish them online on our portal – News You !

All students will be provided complete access to our facilities and will be given customized gifts during the program while they learn and in the process have fun. Summer internships at Brand You could never have got any better than this. All students get access to our library and activity center and will receive a recommendation letter and certificate at the end of the internship.