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Kiran: I am working at Brand You from the last 3 months and Brand You is so dear to me because it definitely holds a special place in my heart. I would take this opportunity to thank to my PHP team who supported me all the time in all small and huge issues and also to Shivam sir who encouraged me all the time. He definitely is strict but that works in our favor compelling us to push ourselves and work even better. The word impossible is not found in his dictionary which encourages me as individual to give my best at work. Also Khushali ma’am is always so supportive and encouraging; the way this duo works is just commendable.  No compromises and delivering the best services to the client is our motto.

Ishita Baxi: It feels so proud working at Brand You. It has just been 2 months but the pace the company is growing and also my growth as an individual is fabulous. When it comes to the team our leader i.e. Shivam sir is punctual, supportive, completely committed to his work and believes only in quality. The entire team be it SMO or SEO executive admin department, HR is so helpful and always has a “yes sure” as an answer.

Jay Doshi: At Brand You the working is so wonderful and the way Shivam sir and Khushali Ma’am harmonize with each other is amazing. Sir being strict and ma’am understanding is a perfect blend of high-quality working at Brand You. There is no doubt that Brand You is always successful in satisfying all its customers with the effort of these tat the entire team makes which I completely adore. This is a team that I always aspired off. It is a complete privilege.

Pooja Darji: Seeing sir it becomes so important for us to work at our farthest levels as he is so hardworking and a workaholic as well. Encouraging and determined are his features that make him a dedicated person. Working at Brand You has been an amazing experience with such great team member and helpful atmosphere.

Pooja Soni: At Brand You there is no fixed working style which should fit everyone. Everyone here is with their own unique working style; fun to know is encouraged by sir. He is a man of words and believes in just delivering the best. Comprising is a big no-no at Brand You. Coming up with innovative things like a 45mins computer off time for the team is something very unique and encouraging employee to have fun in those 45mins. This also helps in radiation of new ideas, boosting creativity of the employees. It is sheer fun working in such an environment and with such a dedicated team.