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Brand You announces a shift from Google Apps to Office 365. This exciting tale happens because we needed the power of options that allow us to control data and also create and develop interactive internet-intranet solutions for our own work place. Brand You offers it’s clients and itself great options with Office 365! Do you want to make the same switch we did too ?
Office 365 implemented and tested 1,017 security, compliance, and privacy controls to make sure your data is protected.
ISO 27001 225 controls
ISO 27018 48 controls
SOC 2 Type 2 56 controls
SOC 1 Type 2 56 controls
NIS 800-53 v4 698 controls
Use our service assurance features to stay up to date with how these controls help protect your data and privacy so you can be compliant with the regulations that matter most to you.
Just choose one or more industries and regions, and we’ll provide you with:
  • The latest Microsoft audit reports and security, compliance, and privacy FAQs and white papers.
  • Information about how you can use Office 365 features to stay secure and compliant.
  • Security, compliance, and privacy info specific to your industry and region.

So Brand You made the switch to India and now we have access to various reports making things easier to do and handle! Licensing becomes easier. Though we have used Apple products and software for years, we decided some of our systems needed the power of Windows too and we got that taken care off. Systems that need office are licensed that way, those that need just email are licensed that way and those that need storage are done that way ! With Office 365, Brand You was able to give each user something that they needed unlike Gmail that gave everyone everything no matter what they really needed!

Brand You – Now using Office 365 !