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For any business it has become inevitable to have an attractive yet user friendly website. It is the “GO ONLINE” era we are living in- the “.com” generation. We at Brand You understand this and create such websites which would make you stand out the crowd. And that’s why we say THINK DIFFERENTLY.

When you want to get your website to be created it is important to understand the process and detailing that is needed for a website. We call it the “4D” model:

1)      Discover: this is a step where we understand what the client wants. In order to design the website it becomes important that we understand you and your expectations. We extract/ gather the information about your company, products and services you offer, which can help us create a custom made website as per your needs.

It is important that we can understand your goal behind the website and the target audience you are catering to. If we know your purpose for the website we can accommodate your needs in the next phase to come keeping in mind the content that should be included.

2)      Design: Now that Brand You have gathered the information it is time to give that information a rough shape. This can also be referred to as the planning stage. We would now prepare a concept of how your website will look like on paper without using any technology. The website developer would get all of the things approved by you. They would also be explaining you the technology they would be using. Planning is a stage where you can discuss if the contact form is needed, WordPress should be incorporated for content management or the web developer and web designer can help you decide on the technologies that are to be used. It is important to have good interface which would result in customer friendly site, the ultimate motive of any business.

3)      Define & Development: At Brand You we believe in accuracy in order to deliver quality. This is a phase where in communication between you & the web developer is of utmost importance. You would get access to the website and could monitor with the work-in-progress and express your likes or dislikes regarding the different aspects of website. For us, it is very important that we cater to your needs and make the website according to your preference and taste.

On the technical front, a successful website requires an understanding of front-end web development. This involves writing valid HTML/CSS code that compiles to current web standards, maximizing functionality, as well as accessibility for a large audience as much as possible.

4)      Deliver: in this particular phase the testing for website is carried out. All the minute details regarding content, images, spelling, grammatical errors etc are tested and verified by the clients as well. On the technological aspect the hosting, domain name and run time of the website is also checked.

Once the website is tested it is the congratulations time and ready for an official launch !!!